Lap Pool


You are an active swimmer who likes to swim lengths to keep in shape? Then why not install a pool at home that is designed specially to swim those lengths. Willy Naessens Swimming Pools will be glad to build the lap pool of your dreams.

You can have your lap pool in any desired length, because Willy Naessens Swimming Pools builds only custom-made swimming pools. And we do so without limits. We can even adjust the width, so that two persons can easily swim side by side.

This lap pool is designed to facilitate the swimming of lengths.  But it’s also perfect for the children. They, too, will have ample space for playing in the pool. Moreover, everything can be modified to suit your tastes and preferences!

Our consultants will be happy to assist you with the siting of the lap pool in your garden. That way you can still enjoy your lap pool after the swimming. Your pool becomes an integral part of your garden.

Characteristics of the lap pool:

  • Longer and narrower than a regular swimming pool
  • Enough space for two persons swimming side by side
  • Sleek look

The quality of Willy Naessens Swimming Pools

If you entrust the construction of your swimming pool to Willy Naessens Swimming Pools, you will receive the best quality in return. We prefer to build custom-designed swimming pools or lap pools.

With our 50-year experience we know how important service is in our sector. To meet the customer's requirements, we offer an excellent after-sales service. If you have a serious problem with your lap pool, we will help you within 48 hours.

Let us be clear: this lap pool is just one concept. Do you have other ideas? We will build your swimming pool the way you want it built. Would you like a free quote without obligation? Then do not hesitate to contact us today!