Indoor swimming pool

Indoor swimming pools have gained popularity in recent years, and not without reason. With an indoor pool, you can enjoy your investment all year round, regardless of the weather conditions! An investment you will unquestionably profit from.

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Swimming fun all year round!

With a private indoor pool, you can enjoy swimming all year round. When it's chilly outside during the winter months, you can enjoy a warm splash in your own private indoor pool.

Moreover, an indoor pool offers numerous maintenance advantages, such as cleaning. With an indoor pool, you will never be bothered by falling leaves or other natural dirt. Maintaining a pleasant swimming temperature is also a simple task.

Nothing but benefits!

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Building indoor swimming pools

Despite all the advantages that an indoor pool offers, the installation of an indoor swimming pool should not be underestimated. Has the choice been made to install an indoor pool? Contact us immediately to ensure thorough preparation and perfect integration in your home.

Indoor swimming pool by Willy Naessens Swimming Pools

Building an indoor swimming pool is not something you do lightly. It requires the necessary knowledge and expertise: think of the indoor placement of your pool without ruining your current home, or adding the perfect finishing touch such as mood lighting and maintenance.

Therefore, choose a reliable partner with the required experience so that you can enjoy your investment for years to come. Is your house still under construction? As a specialist, we work closely with your architect to realize the perfect creation.

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Indoor swimming pool in style

When designing and building your indoor pool, the possibilities are endless. In cooperation with the designer, you choose the length, width, and depth you need for the purposes of your indoor pool.

The type of pool is also entirely up to you: will you choose a skimmer or do you prefer an underflow pool? We build the indoor pool your heart desires.

The total concept also includes the finishing of your indoor pool: does your home have a modern and austere style or does it tend towards a warm and rural environment? We give you a few previews of our creations, but everything is possible!

Ready to dive in?

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At Willy Naessens Swimming Pools, you are at the right place for a high-end indoor pool that you will enjoy for years to come. 

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Endless possibilities

We will give you a taste of our creations, although anything is possible!

  • Design indoor swimming pool
  • Indoor pool with movable floor
  • Swimming schannel
  • Rustic indoor swimming pool
  • Wellness swimming pool

You are just a few clicks away from your dream pool.

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An indoor swimming pool: what do you need?

Building an indoor swimming pool is a secure job: besides the choice of space where the pool will be placed, you also have to install certain additional systems for an optimal installation.

Just think of a dehumidification system: don't you want to be able to swim in an environment where it doesn't feel stuffy or clammy? Air that is too humid is an absolute breeding ground for germs and bacteria. A solid dehumidification system is not only important for your health and that of your family, but also for your house! Evaporated water can lead to mold and corrosion. Just opening the windows will not solve these problems.

A dehumidification system will create a pleasant indoor environment and keep humidity levels under control.