Voorgevormd zwembad propyleen

Polypropylene swimming pool


In your garden or indoors, for private or public use? When choosing a swimming pool, you do not want to rush things.

Beware with prefab swimming pools

Swimming pools can be made of various materials, from polyester to polypropylene. The choice is usually limited to a prefab swimming pool. A propylene pool is pre-built as a monoblock and then installed on site by the supplier. In other words, you are always stuck with standard sizes, so your freedom of choice is greatly restricted.

While a polypropylene swimming pool may seem very practical, it also has some definite drawbacks. One of them is the fact that you are dealing with two parties: the builder of the pool and the company that installs it. In the event of problems, it is not always clear who is liable for the warranty.

Furthermore, a propylene swimming pool is not as sturdy and waterproof as a concrete swimming pool. An architectural swimming pool is much more able to withstand the groundwater pressure, and the density of the concrete ensures a pool that is waterproof.

Choose custom-made

Prefab pools, e.g. a ceramic monoblock swimming pool, are built by the manufacturer after you have made a hefty down payment, without it being possible for you to monitor the work being done on your monoblock swimming pool. At Willy Naessens Swimming Pools we strive to involve you in the installation of your pool, from start to finish.

We are proud to supply customised solutions and are there with you from the very first step. No standard sizes, but a swimming pool that fully meets your expectations. Make sure to contact us to explore all options!