2015 projets piscine

Price of a swimming pond


A swimming pond is the ecological answer to the demand for environmentally conscious, safe and healthy relaxation. Moreover, a swimming pond in a properly laid out garden is a wonderful sight at any time of the year.

2015 projets piscine

A swimming pond consists of a swimming area and a regeneration area where the water is purified. The regeneration area ensures biological filtering by means of lava pebbles and plants that purify the water naturally. 

Installing swimming pools requires technical know-how and experience, and that is even truer regarding swimming ponds, because it requires the establishment of an ecological balance. 

Willy Naessens Swimming Pools has over 50 years of experience in the installation and renovation of swimming pools - both indoor and outdoor pools as well as natural swimming ponds. A swimming pond is fully custom-made, and allows for endless variations in terms of dimensions and shapes. It enables the swimming pond to be perfectly integrated into the existing surroundings. The architecture of both the garden and the house are taken into account in the design and construction.

How much does a swimming pond cost?

The price of a swimming pond is determined by various costs. These include costs for installation and maintenance of the natural swimming pond, and water and energy costs.

The price for the installation of the swim pond depends primarily on the dimensions. Other costs are the materials used and the location of the swimming pond. As a result, there are no standard prices for swimming ponds. Contact Willy Naessens for a non-binding quote for your swimming pond.

Tips for reducing the cost of swimming ponds construction

The use of a heat pump pays for itself in a few years: its purchase is certainly worth the investment. Wind is one of the main causes of heat loss. A sheltered location is therefore recommended. There are various ways to facilitate or reduce the maintenance of your swimming pool and save costs in the process. Do not hesitate to contact Willy Naessens Swimming Pools for advice.