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Wellness pool


You have always secretly dreamt of having a swimming pool, but you fear you will not be able to enjoy it as much as you want? Willy Naessens Swimming Pools offers you the perfect solution: the Wellness pool.

piscine wellness

With our Wellness pool we want to bring the feeling of private wellness to your home. A large seating area allows you to fully relax in your own pool. Who would not enjoy a hot Wellness pool? Our consultants will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.

With the hydrojets, you create your own relaxation area in the pool, and the colour lighting creates just the right mood in the evening. Mosaic tiles enhance the wellness feeling but you can of course also opt for a liner.

Characteristics of a Wellness pool:

  • Smaller dimensions
  • Sitting area with hydrojets (Wellness)
  • Colour lighting
  • Mosaic tiles, optional

Willy Naessens Swimming Pools builds, together with you, the pool of your dreams. Each swimming pool is built to the customer's requirements. To steer things in the right direction, a single project manager is designated. He/she will provide you with all necessary advice and a quote without any obligation.

Our after-sales service ensures that customers can also come to us after the construction of their swimming pool. If you have an urgent problem with your swimming pool, we will help you within 48 hours.

Let us be clear: this Wellness pool is just one concept or idea. If you have other ideas, no problem: we will build your pool the way you want it built.