Buitenzwembad Ibiza

Outdoor pool Ibizastyle

Outdoor pool Ibizastyle

Willy Naessens Swimming Pools installs tailor-made architectural swimming pools: both indoor pools and outdoor pools as well as renovations of existing swimming pools for private users.

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Buitenzwembad ibiza

From ibiza to Kortrijk

Wish to have that instant holiday feeling in your own garden? Then simply contact the specialists at Willy Naessens Swimming Pools.

The construction of this Ibiza-style skimmer pool allows this family in Kortrijk to enjoy that holiday feeling every day. The light shade of the liner further emphasises the bright blue colour of the water.

To cover this 14-metre-long skimmer pool, the customer opted for an automatic roller shutter with solar slats. As a result, the pool water also retains its heat, just as in Ibiza.

Do you also wish to have a tailor-made swimming pool in your garden? Then please contact our specialists.