Buitenzwembad overloop

Renovation of outdoor pool with green mosaic

Renovation of swimming pool

Willy Naessens Swimming Pools installs tailor-made architectural swimming pools: both indoor pools and outdoor pools as well as renovations of existing swimming pools for private users.

Find out more about the installation of this swimming pool in Vlamertinge.

Buitenzwembad overloop

Renovation with a special combination

For the renovation of this existing swimming pool, it was decided, together with the customer, to install a completely new basin.

The green mosaic pool liner gives this pool a unique look. A bold choice, even if we say so ourselves! Together with the beige coping, this 11-metre-long outdoor pool blends seamlessly into the garden.

Do you also wish to have a tailor-made swimming pool in your garden? Then please contact our specialists.