Buitenzwembad strak

Sleek infinity pool

Modern infinity pool

Willy Naessens Swimming Pools installs tailor-made architectural swimming pools: both indoor pools and outdoor pools as well as renovations of existing swimming pools for private users.

Find out more about the installation of this swimming pool in Erembodegem.

Buitenzwembad strak

Modern pool assembly

The infinity pool really comes into its own in this modern home. With the pool water at the same level as the coping, a mirror effect is created. The name 'mirror pools' is therefore not that far off.

And precisely because the pool water is at the same level as the patio, the garden, terrace and pool form an integrated whole. This means you can also enjoy a beautiful view from next to the pool.

Do you also wish to have a tailor-made swimming pool in your garden? Then please contact our specialists.