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From terrace to swimming paradise

From terrace to swimming paradise

Willy Naessens Swimming Pools installs tailor-made architectural swimming pools: both indoor pools and outdoor pools as well as renovations of existing swimming pools for private users.

Find out more about the installation of this swimming pool in Brussels.

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The star of the party

Will your moveable floor be the star of your next party?  From the party room to the swimming pool in just a few minutes. Make the most of the space and opt for a moveable floor.

The demand for swimming pools with a moveable floor is increasing year by year. As an experienced swimming pool builder, Willy Naessens Swimming Pools already has a number of references for projects with a moveable floor. This is one of them. The result is magnificent. In just a few minutes, you can change the pool to a patio or room and back again.

Would you also like to have a tailor-made swimming pool in your garden? Then please contact our specialists.

100% safe and secure cover

If you are not at home, you can have peace of mind that the children can still play in the garden or indoor space. When you have a pool with a moveable floor, the pool is 100% securely covered.

Adjustable depth

You can set the depth of the pool floor according to the user. If you have babies or toddlers visiting, you can set the pool floor to 10 cm. If you want to swim laps, you can then adjust the depth to your preference (e.g. 160 cm).

Technical specifications

Type of pool: Outdoor pool

Type: Infinity pool with movable floor

Dimensions: 11.465 x 6.10 m (with adjustable floor)

Internal liner: (ceramic tile) Coto d’este Cluny Layé

Border stone: (ceramic tile) Coto d’este Cluny Layé

Heating: SWEP Heat exchanger 60kW/h

Lighting: LED underwater lights

Maintenance: Automatic dosing of pH and chlore

Filtration: Sand filter Triton TR 100 Clearpro 22m³/h

Pool cover: Movable floor