Public Swimming Pools


Dreaming of a public swimming pool in your hotel, camp site or wellness centre?  Then feel free to contact Willy Naessens Swimming Pools, without any obligation! We will be happy to guide you through the VLAREM legislation and make your investment a success.

Willy Naessens Swimming Pools has over 50 years of experience in building swimming pools and will be glad to help you realise your project. The construction and installation of public swimming pools is in fact one of our specialties.

We will advise you on your project in accordance with the VLAREM legislation and with an eye for aesthetics during construction and installation. From A to Z, from initial design to final delivery. In addition, we will be happy to assist you with the commercial operation of your public swimming pool, which is also one of our core competencies.

Every public swimming pool constructed by Willy Naessens Swimming Pools is custom-designed. Our adviser will personally manage your project. His/her advice will make your project a success story.

Also after the construction of the public swimming pool, you can continue to rely on us. If you have a problem with your swimming pool, you can contact our after-sales service. They are always on hand to help you and your guests as quickly as possible. 

So do not hesitate to contact us to make your dream come true.