Advantages & disadvantages of a swim spa

Swim spa: swim and relax

A swim spa is a combination of a swimming pool and a jacuzzi. You can keep swimming against the current and enjoy some glorious relaxation. Ideal for relaxing and working on your fitness in your own familiar surroundings.

Binnenzwembad swimspa

A swim spa is characterised by the following:

  • Limited size
  • Swimming pool with counterflow.
  • Usually with a wellness section

While most swimming pools are 8 - 12 metres long, the length of a swim spa is often limited to 4 - 6 metres. This means that the swim spa takes up less space, which makes it suitable for any garden.

A swim spa can be built in or installed on the patio. If you opt for a built-in model, the installation of the swim spa will be more expensive.

The counterflow system allows you to keep swimming endlessly in a swim spa. In addition, you can also regulate the power of the flow. This enables you to regulate the intensity of your training sessions.

And if you want to relax after your swim, you can do so in the wellness area. In some swim spas, this section is closed off from the swimming area. This allows you to increase the temperature in the swimming area.


A swim spa like this undoubtedly has a number of advantages:

  • Takes up less space
  • Combines athletic swimming and relaxation
  • Attractive purchase price
  • Quick to install
  • Ideal for real sports enthusiasts

A swimming pool will always be considerably bigger than a swim spa. So you need a lot less space for a swim spa. This can represent added value, especially for people with a small garden.

The price of a swim spa varies between €10,000 and €30,000 or more. The price depends, among other things, on the installation of the pool. Opting for a built-in pool means the price will be higher because a hole has to be dug and the substrate stabilised. In addition, the price of a swim spa also depends on the brand, the model, the size, etc.


Apart from the advantages, a swim spa also has disadvantages compared with a normal swimming pool.

  • Higher electricity and heating costs
  • An artificial counterflow is different to a genuine countercurrent
  • Not swimming real lengths
  • Strong turbulences possible
  • Aesthetically inferior to a normal swimming pool.
  • Not suitable for a summer pool party
  • Aimed at really athletic swimmers
  • Price difference compared to a normal swimming pool is relatively small

One of the major disadvantages of a swim spa are the running costs. The temperature of a swim spa is usually higher than for a normal swimming pool. This means higher heating costs. In addition, the jet stream also requires additional energy consumption.

Another disadvantage is the artificial feel of the counterflow. Whether the counterflow is not so strong or really powerful, the feel is different to that of a genuine countercurrent in both situations.

Furthermore, a swim spa does not match the beauty of a swimming pool. Even if you have a built-in swim spa, you will never get the same ‘wow’ effect as with a swimming pool. Moreover, a swim spa is not suitable for a pool party with a group of friends, but this is also true for a jacuzzi.

A swim spa is ideal for an athletic swimmer. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. For jacuzzi lovers, a swim spa like this simply will not do. Nor is its limited size suitable for children to play and romp about. Once the novelty has worn off, a swim spa often becomes a personal swimming pool for the athletic swimmer.

Such a swim spa can easily set you back over €20,000. Even though a concrete swimming pool is often more than twice as expensive, we find it is a better investment. After all, a swimming pool can be used for all purposes and also adds value to the home.

A swim spa from Willy Naessens?

We are not a great fan of swim spas ourselves because of the disadvantages outlined above. For this reason, Willy Naessens Swimming Pools is not a distributor for swim spas.

We do, however, provide a concrete alternative. This has the advantage that you can integrate the swimming pool into the surroundings and totally change the look without the need for additional space.

As a builder of swimming pools, we already have many years of experience with the installation of jets and propellers to generate a counterflow or provide a wellness area in the swimming pool. This gives you a slightly larger swim spa with the advantages of a swimming pool.

Are you having problems deciding between a swim spa and a normal swimming pool and would you like a quotation? Then do not hesitate any longer and contact us today. Our representatives will be delighted to help you further.

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