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Building a tiled swimming pool


You want to build a swimming pool but you have not yet decided on the inner lining? Why not choose a tiled pool?

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Characteristics of tiles

There is much to tell about tiles. A first characteristic of a tiled lining is its longer lifetime. A tiled pool is a more durable investment than a liner pool. By contrast, the installation of a tiled pool requires workmanship. Workmanship, which we at Willy Naessens Swimming Pools can back up with more than 50 years experience.

Other advantages

A second advantage of a tiled lining is the higher degree of finish. A liner always has wrinkles around the steps. With our experience we make sure that they are hardly visible, although they cannot be avoided entirely. In addition, a tiled pool looks even more classy. Tiles are the absolute top in terms of finish quality.

A third advantage is the freedom of choice provided by a tiled lining. Whereas a liner comes in one even colour, a tiled lining gives you full freedom to follow your ideas. Would you like to incorporate a logo into the floor or wall? No problem, just leave it to us! You can choose from various combinations, drawings and colours.

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Installing a tiled lining requires workmanship. First of all, the shell must be cleaned very thoroughly. To ensure proper adhesion, no mortar residues should be present.

An experienced professional will integrate everything into one whole. If you have the tiles installed by Willy Naessens professionals, you will not be able to see the tile sheets.

Another essential factor is the substrate on which the tiles are to be laid. A properly reinforced concrete wall that has fully cured is a prerequisite for a decent and durable tiled lining.

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