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Buying a pool without any worries


A swimming pool is not something you buy without first giving it a lot of thought. As an experienced swimming pool builder, we try to give answers to a number of specific questions. Why would you buy a swimming pool? And how much will it cost?

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Why buy a swimming pool?

A swimming pool does offer some undeniable advantages. You don’t need to go to the public swimming pool any more. You’re not tied to opening hours, you set your own (swimming) agenda and you’re not bothered by other swimmers. Or by children jumping into the water.

You can build a swimming pool in your garden entirely to your own preferences and taste. This way, you get a pool that is a perfect fit for your home.

It also provides added value to your home. Because, even if you’re not swimming, you can still enjoy the atmospheric lighting. Thanks to the pool lighting, you can always be sure of a cosy atmosphere in the garden.

On another page, we go into detail on the advantages of having your own swimming pool.

Cost of buying your own swimming pool


Giving a general price for a swimming pool is difficult. This price depends on a lot of factors. The first is the type of swimming pool you want to buy. If you choose a simple above-ground swimming pool, the price can vary from a hundred to a few thousand euros. But these are not the swimming pools we build. For an architecturally designed swimming pool made of concrete, which will last a lifetime, you have to reckon with prices starting at €35,000.

You can then opt for an indoor or outdoor pool. If you choose an indoor swimming pool, you will also need dehumidification equipment.

The size also plays a part in calculating the price of your swimming pool. The size of your swimming pool has an influence on the length of the pipes, the number of hours needed to build the pool, etc.

When buying your swimming pool, the internal lining also plays a role in determining the cost price. Mosaic tiling requires more work than fitting a PVC liner, for example. The choice between the two types often depends on your personal preference.

Read here what factors also play a role in determining the cost price of your swimming pool.

Where to buy a swimming pool?

At Willy Naessens Swimming Pools, of course! We've been the reference address for swimming pool sales for 60 years. All swimming pools are tailored to the customer’s preferences. Nothing is too crazy - or we’ve already done it: overflow swimming pools, swimming pools with a movable floor, infinity pools...

You will not find cheaper above-ground swimming pools in our range, but there are enough webshops and garden centres for that.

If you want to buy a very good-quality architecturally designed swimming pool, do not hesitate too long and contact us today for an informal chat!