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Movable pool floor


Willy Naessens Swimming Pools already has several references for a movable floor. The result is magnificent. In a few minutes, the pool becomes a terrace or a room.

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If you opt for a movable floor pool, this undoubtedly offers you some important advantages:

  • the room where it is installed can have 2 functions;
  • it is a 100% safe pool cover;
  • you can adjust the depth of the pool to suit the user.

You can build a movable floor pool indoors and outdoors. You can combine 2 functions in one space. What was originally a large room or meeting space can be transformed into an indoor pool in a few minutes. Outside, you can swim and then after a few minutes light a barbecue on the terrace that has just risen from the ground.

If you are not at home, children can play safely in the garden or playroom. A movable floor pool has a 100% safe cover.

2021 projets piscine

You can adjust the depth of the pool bottom according to the user. If you have babies or small children at home, you can set the pool bottom to 10 cm; if you want to swim laps, you can adapt the depth to your choice (for example, 160 cm).

The unique aspect of a mobile pool floor is the floating concept. The floor structure is positioned in the water at the desired depth by means of stainless steel cables. The system allows a very high load and offers maximum safety.

The stairs in a movable floor pool

The stairs of a movable floor pool descend with the floor. If the pool is shallow (about 50 cm), only one or two steps are visible. If the pool is as deep as it can be, the entire staircase is suddenly visible.

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Cost of a movable floor pool

This system is not cheap. You won't get a movable floor pool for €30,000. The interior lining will also have to be adapted to the room or terrace. If it is a mosaic or tile, this means many hours of work, which increases the price of the pool.

But the movable floor saves you money. Of course you do not need an automatic cover. In addition, the maintenance costs are also lower, because the pool gets less dirty.