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Why avoid swimming pool shells ?

Prefab pools

Swimming pool shells, also called prefab pools, are swimming pools that are made in one piece. They may be manufactured from materials such as stainless steel, polyester or ceramic/vinyl ester composite.

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What is a swimmig pool shell?

Swimming pool shells are made in one piece and is also installed as such. It has the drawback that it is only available in standard models and dimensions. Unlike architectural swimming pools, they cannot be customised.

These swimming pools may be slightly cheaper, but they also come with a number of drawbacks. It is therefore advisable not to be too easily tempted by the attractive price of prefab swimming pools.


Because the pool shell of such a pool is already made in the factory, the pool builder needs less time in your garden. Nevertheless, the final completion time of the project will be comparable to that of a concrete pool. Because when the builder is already installing the pool, the pool has to be incorporated in the production plants of such pools. So you will not gain any time by choosing a one-piece plastic pool.

Another so-called advantage of such pools is the 30-year manufacturer's guarantee. As the word itself says, this is a factory guarantee. The guarantee is not valid in case of wear and tear by chemical products or the UV rays of the sun. On the construction works, such as concreting the foundation or stabilising the pool, the 10-year guarantee, which every contractor is obliged to provide, applies again.

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More well-known disadvantages of such a pool shell are its standard models and standard dimensions. Contrary to a made-to-measure pool, with a preformed pool you are limited to the offer of the pool builder. So there is no customisation.

In terms of purchase price, these pools may be a little cheaper, but you have to be able to live with the disadvantages. So do not be easily seduced by the attractive price of such a plastic pool.

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Architectural swimming pools of Willy Naessens


Architectural swimming pools are fully customised swimming pools. They are built according to the customer's personal preferences and fully adapted to and integrated into the location.

The material, the interior lining and the dimensions of the pool are chosen in close consultation with the customer. In this way, you can even create a beautiful ecological swimming pond. Willy Naessens Swimming Pools does what it has been known for for fifty years: provide custom-made solutions, because after all the customer is king.

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