Buitenzwembad herenhuis in de stad

Outdoor swimming pool townhouse

Place a swimming pool in a city garden

Willy Naessens Swimming Pools installs tailor-made architectural swimming pools: both indoor pools and outdoor pools as well as renovations of existing swimming pools for private users.

Find out more about the installation of this swimming pool in Ronse.

Buitenzwembad herenhuis in de stad

Urban garden with obstacles

The construction of a swimming pool near a large enclosed town house in the middle of the town centre of Ronse in East Flanders was in itself a simple matter.

However, because this project was in the middle of the town centre, access to the garden was very difficult. The only option was to hoist all the equipment and machinery over the house. Given that it is a very high town house, this was no easy feat.

In addition, there was also an authentic 19th Century conservatory in the garden. So we had to work in a very precise and careful way to ensure so that the conservatory would not collapse or be damaged. A challenge that not many pool builders would dare take on. This also immediately answers the question of why they chose Willy Naessens Swimming Pools. ;-)

Buitenzwembad herenhuis in de stad

More than one year after the construction of the pool, we visited this customer again to take pictures and find out how satisfied they were. The owners were very proud of the finished project and that the conservatory remained intact. The customer is very happy with the expertise demonstrated by Willy Naessens Swimming Pools and the way in which everything about this complex assignment was handled so professionally and with such skilful craftsmanship. In building this pool, we proved that our 55 years of experience really does make a difference!

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