Pool with movable floor

A swimming pool that is both suitable for swimming laps and the perfect family pool for young children? It exists. The demand for swimming pools with a movable floor increases year after year. As a qualified swimming pool builder, Willy Naessens Swimming Pools has experience in installing and maintaining swimming pools with a movable floor.

The result will amaze you: in a few minutes, you transform your swimming pool into a terrace or a hall and back again.

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Movable pool floors: a pool for everyone

If you choose a swimming pool with a movable floor, it undeniably has some considerable advantages:

  • Wherever you place your movable floor pool, you can give it 2 functions
  • It is guaranteed to be a 100% safe pool cover
  • You can adjust the depth of the pool according to the user

The unique aspect of a movable floor is its floating concept. The bottom construction floats on the water by means of stainless steel cables at the desired depth. This system allows for a very high load and offers maximum safety.

Indoor or outdoor swimming pool

A pool with a movable floor can be built as an indoor or outdoor pool.

In this way, you can easily combine two functions in the same space: what was once a large hall or meeting room can be transformed into a luxurious indoor swimming pool in minutes.

Would you like an outdoor pool with a movable floor? No problem! First swim a few lengths and then light the barbecue on the terrace that rises up from the ground.

Suitable for swimmers and children

A swimming pool with a movable floor is a pool for every water enthusiast. Let your children play with peace of mind in the garden or indoors when you're not there because a swimming pool with a movable floor is 100% safely covered.

Is it time for a nice splash with the young children? You set the depth of your pool bottom to 10cm for safe use. Afterward, you can swim a few lengths by adjusting the depth again to your own preference (e.g. 160 cm).

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Cost of a swimming pool with movable floor

It goes without saying that a pool with this ingenious system is not cheap. A pool with a movable floor cannot be built for less than €30,000. Besides a complex system, the lining must also be adapted to the space or the terrace. Mosaic or other tiling involves a lot of working hours. These working hours make that this type of pool is not cheap.

But thanks to a movable floor, you can also save money in maintenance! Of course, you don't need an automatic shutter.

Experts in swimming pools with movable floors

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Building a swimming pool with a movable floor is a complex matter. As indicated before, we are your go-to partner for your swimming pool with a movable floor. As the expert in swimming pools, with 60 years of experience, such a project is a wonderful challenge that we like to work on.

Together with our customers, we discuss the swimming pool project. All possible options are offered and can be executed by Willy Naessens Swimming Pools.


Official distributor of Aqualift: swimming pools with movable floors in Benelux

As the expert in swimming pool building, Willy Naessens Swimming Pools has already created stunning projects. Willy Naessens Swimming Pools is the official distributor of Aqualift and stands for quality.

With 60 years of experience, you guarantee yourself a first-class pool of the highest standard.

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