Enjoy personalised swimming pools abroad

Imagine enjoying a beautiful pool anywhere, designed and built by a leading pool specialist with 60 years of experience. Well, you can! By now, our passion and expertise extend beyond national borders and we already have many swimming pools - and happy swimmers - in other countries.

2021 projets piscine

Swimming Pools goes international

With a solid reputation at home, it was time for the next step: international expansion. The incentive? Sharing our expertise, experience and innovation in designing and building swimming pools with as many people as possible.

So you do not have to live in Belgium to enjoy a swimming pool that represents craftsmanship, top quality and personalisation. As a market leader in installing and renovating swimming pools, we believe that we should also make swimming pool dreams come true beyond our national borders. Because we wish to ensure that the quality of our swimming pools remains the same everywhere, we send our own teams abroad to complete the pools.

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Numerous foreign swimming pools built, and still counting

We have already built indoor swimming pools abroad, as well as a pubic swimming pool and, of course, outdoor pools for those who need a refreshing dip in their own garden or house in the country. After all, a swimming pool offers enormous added value to a holiday home, for both owners and guests.

We have now finished about 10 swimming pools in Luxembourg, around 20 in the Netherlands, about 30 in France and built a public swimming pool in Romania. In total, we have already made more than 1,000 customers happy at home and abroad.

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Different flora and fauna, the same swimming pool experience

The fact that an outdoor swimming pool must fit seamlessly into the environment is something that is absolutely clear to us. Anyone who chooses an outdoor pool from Willy Naessens Swimming Pools is also opting for an overall picture that is perfect in every way: we work closely with the architect and deliver the ideal location plan for the terraces to ensure that the swimming pool fits in completely with the entire surroundings. Our committed cooperation with all the parties concerned guarantees that our outdoor pool will merge perfectly with the outdoor experience. Enabling you to enjoy your garden to the fullest. 

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