Underwater window swimming pools

Underwater window pools are perhaps the most normal thing in the world in Dubai, but, in our country, they are very exclusive. That is why we are so proud to have them in our product range. Our personalisation programme offers a wealth of possibilities.

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A dive with a view

With underwater window pools, we incorporate one or more transparent panels into the walls of the swimming pool, so that swimmers can take in the space outside the pool. It is also a feast for the eyes for visitors outside the swimming pool. They can experience the beauty of the water in a unique way.

In this way, an underwater window forms the visual connection between the swimming pool and the space. It is, therefore, characterised by its high-quality aesthetics and luxurious appearance.

underwater window zwembaden

Exclusive, but not impossible

Incorporating an underwater window into a swimming pool is a delicate operation. It is, therefore, essential to work with high-quality materials and you must also have the necessary know-how in-house. For our underwater window swimming pools, we have an exclusive partnership with Underwater Windows Europe, a renowned Dutch player in this niche market.

The company specialises in and is certified for the production of watertight acrylic underwater windows. In addition, their products are salt, chlorine and scratch resistant

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High standards, maximum durability

In order to build underwater window swimming pools of the highest quality, we invariably opt for a concrete structure. Concrete is known for its solid properties and offers a watertight solution. We impose an extra margin on the standard norms for the underwater window glass in order to prevent any bending at all times.

We combine our strict quality standards with the expertise of experienced engineers, who calculate the stability of the underwater windows down to the last detail. This allows us to deliver the unparalleled durability for which our pools are known.

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The sky is the limit

Because Willy Naessens Swimming Pools focuses entirely on personalisation, every swimming pool dream is an achievable swimming pool dream for us. We can construct underwater window pools as an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, in whatever size you wish. 

We even go a step further: with innovative extras we can make the whole thing even more exclusive. A corner-to-corner connection, for example, creates a panoramic view from the water that makes your underwater window pool even more unique. Or finish your pool with a window banister, which is half in the pool and half rises out of the water. A finish with mosaic and stylish tiles transforms your underwater window pool into an eye-catcher that will leave everyone speechless.

Do you wish to create a wow factor in your home or garden? You will definitely succeed in this with an underwater window swimming pool.

Make your pool dreams come true